Television Academy Foundation Directing Internship

There has been so much going on these past couple of months, I'm not even sure how detailed I can be! All I can say is that it's weird not having to go back to school this Fall. I've also been going though a really tough time with some personal things, and have lost my way here an there. I'm trying to reflect and remember everything that has been really great to me this summer! I have truly been lucky, and have to remember that and forget the negative stuff.

In July, I started my internship with the Television Academy Foundation. As the Directing Intern, I got to shadow directors from different television shows. My first internship was with the folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live! These people are incredible. I've never experienced unscripted television before. They create content the minute they enter the office, they rehearse the material, then Jimmy goes on stage and they record it. At the end of the day, it airs on TV! I got to shadow the director in the control room, and it was like magic. It felt a lot like calling a show for theatre. I learned so much following the Stage Managers, the AD, the TD, meeting writers, field producers, art department. It was such a wonderful place to be with such talented and generous people.

After Jimmy, I went to shadow on NCIS, a favorite of my family back home. Again, such an incredible welcoming family to walk in to. It was great getting to work with a script again, and follow characters and learn about how NCIS works as a production team. I got to sit in on many meetings during pre-production, and got to chat more with the director about what he was thinking during meetings, and his process. It was also great to bounce some ideas with him, and some he took, and some helped him solidify thoughts that he had before. Watching everyone work at a professional level was incredible to say the least. Everyone was an expert at their job and it was like clock work. I really enjoyed my time there getting to know the cast and crew.

My last host was Grey's Anatomy! I had watched this show religiously until about season 8 when I couldn't keep up. Now it's on season 13! I had to catch up on where our characters went, and how they grew up. This was a different experience in that I was following a director that was also an executive producer of the show. It was cool to see the short hand between him and the rest of the team. I took this episode more seriously, in that I did all the homework: overheads, shot lists, story board clips, blocking. I'd give the director some ideas if he asked, some which he took, some which he said, that's a great idea - the possibilities are endless. This experience made me really want to get back into directing. And soon! I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to meet the people I've met along the way, and hopefully it won't be the last!

After the back-to-back productions, I ran away to Yosemite. I just needed to get away from the big city and remember who I am, and become one with the earth. Haha! It was gorgeous. I didn't have a lot of time to stay, so next time I hope to take a longer trip and hike over night...and not get eaten by bears or mountain lions! More exciting stuff is happening this month!! Hopefully, it all goes well!